Reinventing the Avatar for Memorable Learning Experiences - eBook

Digital learning offers the learner the flexibility to encounter various stakeholders and personas in a safe space. In this guide, explore how to implement avatars to facilitate deep learner interactions that encourage discovery. 

Most of us use avatars as guide or mentors in eLearning. 

You might say that this is the nature of the avatar. They are meant to be learning enablers, rather than learning overshadowers. While this is true, often these mentor avatars are textbooks who come to life—they’re perfect with their encyclopedic knowledge, eager to usher you onto the right path, and then pat you on the back for answers you got right (even if they made the answer obvious). 

These mentor avatars follow the behavioral learning model, in which learners are uncritical sponges who absorb the information provided to them. There is definitely a place for these types of mentor avatars. 

But there is also space to break out of the traditional—to explore opportunities where learners can engage with content themselves through their interactions with the avatar. These interactions lead to stories, and stories lead to experiences that solidify the learning in surprising ways. In this eBook, lets consider other roles that avatars can take on to support learning journeys.

In this guide, you'll read about:

  • Going beyond the traditional avatars
  • Avatars as companions, rivals and even mentees
  • Rich examples of various avatar roles in eLearning

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